The Masorti Movement in Israel & MERCAZ Ensuring the future for All Jews in Israel

KEHILLOT There are over 800 Masorti-Conservative communities in 36 countries. Almost 80 kehillot across Israel, up from 63 five years ago. More than 850 bar & bat mitzvah celebrated at Masorti services, with the only nationwide b'nei mitzvah program for children with disabilities serving another 200 families.

YOUTH More than 2000 members in 20 Ramah-Noam youth movement chapters, 750 campers each summer, & 4 shanah sherut Programs.

TALI Founded In 1976, Tali schools (Hebrew acronym for enriched Jewish studies) provide pluralistic Jewish learning to 50,000 students in 325 schools across Israel Though not recognized by the State, Israelis continue to choose Masorti rabbis for weddings and other life cycle events. Each year many tens of thousands connect with Masorti.

MASORTI KOTEL 20 years at the Masorti Kotel. More than 700 minyanim & 20,000 visitors each year.

MASORTI RABBIS Though not recognized by the State, Israelis continue to choose Masorti rabbis for weddings and other life cycle events. Each year many tens of thousands connect with Masorti

The Canadian Foundation for Masorti Judaism is now able to receive donations for the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs to support their work in Canada and in Israel.
Please select Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs from the drop-down when making your gift online, or specify FJMC on your cheque.

"[Israel will] always ensure that all Jews can feel at home in Israel . . . All Jews, Reform Jews, Conservative Jews, Orthodox Jews, all Jews:
- Prime Minister Netanyahu

INSTEAD... Increasing attacks on non-Haredi Jews, and vitriol spewed in the Knesset. "[Reform & Conservative Jews] are trying to destroy and devastate the original path in all areas of Judaism." "Not the Jewish religion." "Incredible damage to Judaism." "Imitations." "Reform & Conservative Jews] don't believe in this; they don't want it, and they are not interested in it, so what do they want with the Western Wall."

The government reneged on an agreement it had embraced regarding Kotel access and formal involvement of non-Orthodox movements. The Ultra-Orthodox, with tacit government support are seeking to codify their authority over all aspects of Jewish life. Though this is what makes the news, ultimately funding may make the difference. It's hard to imagine donations that have had more impact than those made to Masorti in Israel. Twenty years ago, the ultra-Orthodox didn't pay much attention to the Masorti Movement, dominated by North American olim. Today Masorti is an indigenous expression of Israeli life, demonstrating the thirst for a spiritual connection blending halakhah with modernity. Our success is the reason they now fight so vehemently.

If we don't grow pluralism in Israel today, in a generation Israel may no longer be a home for all Jews.

Consider Israel's future, for Israel, for you, and for our children. For those of us who love Israel, its future as an open and pluralistic center of Jewish spiritual life is essential for our own lives in the Diaspora.

Your support allows us to continue building important educational and social programs, bringing religious pluralism to Israel.

Yes! I want to continue supporting Masorti's important pluralistic presence in Israel.

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