One Kotel for All

For many years the only area of the Kotel available was at the main plaza. Controlled by an Orthodox organization, Conservative minyanim, and other groups, who did not fit the rigid strictures enforced, were forced to pray and celebrate outside their comfort zone or away from the Kotel. Over a decade ago, with the extended excavation of the Kotel, and the administration of the Masorti Movement, this changed. Today, Masorti welcomes over 700 b'nei mitzvah and minyanim a year, serving over 20,000 people from around the world.

At the Masorti Kotel . . .

  • You have the right to free expression. No one will expect you to remain silent. Men and women alike and together may lead t'fillot, sing prayers or form a minyan.
  • You have the right to bear arms. No one will hassle you about what you are wearing. It is up to you to decide appropriate modest dress at the Masorti Kotel.
  • You have the right to freedom of worship. At the Masorti Kotel, you may choose your own style of t'fillot. Men and women may read from the Torah. Celebrate your daughter's (or your) bat mitzvah at the Masorti Kotel.
  • You have the right to lead an assembly. Whether you pray in an egalitarian, men only, partnership, women only or mixed minyan, you may choose your own minyan style at the Masorti Kotel.
  • You have the right to stand with your family. Families may stand together at the Masorti Kotel. Why should mothers, grandmothers and sisters be kept separate from their family at a bar mitzvah? Don't be separated for your family's simcha. Come worship together at the Masorti Kotel.

The Masorti Kotel, also known as Robinson's Arch, provides you and your family with a space to celebrate and worship together. Located at the southern end of the Kotel, it is separated from the crowds of the main plaza. Surrounded by the historical ruins from the Temple period, come and pray with the history of our people at your feet. We welcome small family groups, synagogue tours, individuals. All are welcome at the Masorti Kotel.

Contact the Masorti office to arrange to celebrate your family's simcha in Israel, whether a bar/bat mitzvah or other celebration. We can work with you to find a rabbi who will understand you and your needs, to find a venue, whether at the Masorti Kotel, one of our kehillot across Israel, or other locations across Israel, to organize siddurim and a Torah and to build a special simcha you and your family will never forget. The Israel Ministry of Tourism also provides a beautiful certificate to teens who celebrate their Bat/Bat Mitzvah in Israel.