Help Masorti communities recover through Project Phoenix

Nataf is a beautiful village of a few hundred families located in the hills of Jerusalem. It has a vibrant Masorti community that, like so many other communities, has been severely affected by the more than 1700 fires raging through Israel this past week. Residents had to be evacuated twice in Nataf and damage to the community has been extensive--both in material loss and in emotional and psychological distress.

Zichron Yaakov, served by Kehillat Ve'ahavta, is similarly traumatized. Many congregants lost their homes.

Moriah, our Kehillah in Haifa, and the oldest Masorti/Conservative synagogue in Israel, lost its entire second story - housing its Beit Midrash, nursery school and youth wing. They are devastated.

Children and adults alike are in need of respite and support services, services that Masorti kehillot are expert at providing. Moriah must be rebuilt. Cost estimates will top $650,000.

Help Masorti communities recover through Project Phoenix

Dear Friends,

We ask you to look into your hearts and pockets to come to the aid of Nataf, Haifa, Zichron Yaakov and other injured Masorti communities.

This is not our end of the year appeal. This is an ongoing tragedy of loss that our Israeli brothers and sisters will be suffering from for many months, if not years. It is at times like this that family pulls together. I hope we, the Canadian contingent of that family, will do our part to alleviate at least some of that suffering.

We hope that on Giving Tuesday and every day, we can count on you to be generous. Let's support our family in Israel at this time of exceptional need.

Ron Hoffman
President Canadian Foundation for Masorti Judaism.

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